Calcite comes to us from Mexico

Hardness: 8

Zodiac Sign: Cancer


  • Powerful amplifier and cleanser of energy
  • Connects emotions with intellect
  • Facilitates emotional intelligence having a positive effect, especially when one has lost hope.
  • Good mental healer, calming the mind and boosting memory


Blue: Absorbs energy by filtering it and returning it to the sender. Will help you adapt to change


Golden: Uplifting, motivation, relaxation


Green: Gardners Friend. 

Immune system, bacterial infection, arthritis, increase fertility, restores balance to the mind, DRAWS PROSPERITY TO YOUR HOME.


Orange: High energy and cleansing. Balances emotions, overcome depression, healing on all levels.



Study, modivation, emotional stress, skeleton, joints, intestinal conditions, blood, growth in children, tissue healing


Size 1 x .5 inches

Weight .6oz

Calcite (Green)

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